Office for National Statistics (ONS)

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is responsible for collecting, analysing, and disseminating statistics about the UK's economy, society, and population.

Available Datasets

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ONS Energy use: generation of heat from renewable sources

Office for National Statistics Dataset of generation of heat from renewable sources shows the UK's energy use from renewable sources used to generate heat (active solar heating, heat pumps, geothermal...

1 UK Open Government Licence (OGL)

Generation   Geothermal   Heat   Heatpump   Renewable   Solar   Uk

XLSX 2023-03-06

ONS Postcode Directory look-up

Office for National Statistics - ONS Postcode Directory Look-up Tool enables you to locate and obtain further information for a postcode on an interactive map. The tool will also allow you to export the...

1 UK Open Government Licence (OGL)

Buildings   Census   England   Homes   Post Code   Wales

HTML 2023-01-31

ONS Geography Linked Data Portal

The ONS Geography Linked Data site is the access point for information on statistical geographies required to support the use of official statistics. It is designed to allow users to discover, view and use...

6 UK Open Government Licence (OGL)

Buildings   Census   England   Geography   Homes   Wales


ONS - Housing Census 2021

Office for National Statistics - Housing Census map provides a comprehensive insight into the various types of homes and the people living in them in England and Wales.

3 UK Open Government Licence (OGL)

Building   Census   England   Home   Residential   Wales

HTML PDF 2023-01-31

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