The Crown Estate

Dating back more than 260 years, The Crown Estate is a unique business with a diverse portfolio that stretches across the country. It was established by an Act of Parliament, and tasked with generating profit for the Treasury for the benefit of the nation’s finances.

Portfolios includes some of London’s best places to work, shop and experience, regional retail and leisure destinations, and a substantial rural portfolio, the seabed and half the foreshore around England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Windsor Estate,Windsor Great Park and also play a fundamental role in the sustainable development of national assets, including the UK’s world-leading offshore wind sector.

Available Datasets

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Natural Gas Storage Pipeline Agreements

This dataset represents all current NGS pipeline agreements in English, Welsh and Northern Irish waters. The boundaries are a true reflection of what has been signed in the Agreements for Lease and Lease documents.

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Natural Gas   Pipeline

Unknown 2022-02-28

Fixed Wind Key Resource Areas

This dataset represents the fixed wind key resource areas in the waters off England, Wales and Northern Ireland

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Wind Generation

Unknown 2022-02-28

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