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The Climate Policy Database, maintained by NewClimate Institute with support from PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and Wageningen University and Research, aims to gather information on climate mitigation policies and benchmark these against a policy matrix, that represents a comprehensive policy package to mitigate the effects of climate change. The database covers national mitigation-related policies and is updated periodically. Planned policies are excluded from the database, with an exception of energy and emission targets announced as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) for the post-2020 period.

Disclaimer Please note that the Climate Policy Database is not exhaustive. For example, the policy coverage and depth of information for each policy is unequal across countries analysed. Policies adopted at subnational level are not comprehensively covered. Please also note that this database is not reviewed by national government officials. To enhance data quality and consistency, our data collection and coding were substantiated by experts working on the evaluation of international climate policies. National experts also reviewed a subset of policies considered to have high emissions reduction potential. Even if covering all policies to their full extent was impossible, the database provides insights about policy trends over time and supports claims about policy adoption, especially in the G20.



The Climate Policy Database

The Climate Policy Database is updated periodically. We analyse various public sources to compile and categorise climate policies. For most up to date data, always download the latest version of the database. Note that this resource does not go directly to the CSV, but to a web page that creates a process to export the CSV. The CSV will not be returned from this URL if it is accessed programmatically.

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